Retail Locations

Sweet Thang Chocolates runs a beautiful candy and gift shop, nestled in downtown Drain, OR. The shop is located at 105 W 'A' Ave., Drain, OR, 97435. The store carries gourmet truffles, brittles, chocolates and candies. As well as cookies, cupcakes and home spa products such as salt scrubs and fizzy bath bombs.

Shop Hours

  • Friday - Saturday 11 am - 5 pm
  • Sunday, Noon - 4 pm
  • By appointment

There is often a number of local artisans that have many different products available as well. It's a great place to find a gift or a treat!

The store is located in a historic Victorian home, the Hasard House. Built in 1892, the Hasard House is one of the most colorful and more photographed houses in Douglas county. Stop on by, snap a picture, and enjoy some of the finest treats to be found!